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Ladybird First Focus

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**PRICE PROMOTION FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY**An engaging high-contrast app to stimulate and entertain the very youngest of babies, based on the best-selling Baby Touch First Focus books by Ladybird.
Research has shown that newborn babies can only distinguish between a few high-contrast colours in their first months (such as black, white and yellow) and are naturally drawn to bold patterns and shapes.
Key features:• Choose from four different animations: Patterns and Shapes, Animals, Sea and Vehicles
• Each can be played individually or as one long Play All movie
• Each animation contains simple and engaging shapes, patterns and images in high-contrast black, white and yellow
• Includes specially composed, baby-friendly music throughout to soothe and entertain
• Animations move independently without requiring interaction, but tapping the screen also triggers entertaining sound effects. Hear cats miaow, ducks quack or cars beep each time they’re touched!
Developmental benefits:
• High-contrast images in black, white and yellow grab and hold a baby’s interest, stimulating their senses and helping to improve their attention span
• The gentle, rhythmic progress of images and patterns on the screen encourage babies to follow movement with their eyes and improve their tracking and focusing skills
• Sound effects help children begin to link sounds with pictures, an important early learning skill.
• For older babies able to sit up and reach for the screen, it helps to improve hand-eye coordination and teach cause and effect
Designed for tablet and phone, and ideal for entertaining your baby on the move or at home,Baby Touch: First Focus is stimulating, fun and educational.
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“Babies are engaged by the large, easily identifiable images and characters” – The Sun
“Baby Touch Peekaboo creates an engaging way to read Ladybird books with infants. Our youngest […] really enjoyed playing hide and seek with the Ladybird characters” –Wired
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